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Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are used purely to let light in and provide a view but do not need to be opened or operated because there are no ventilation possibilities. The fact that fixed windows do not need to be operated does not mean that the design or quality can be compromised in anyway. Additional precision in installation and design expertise during fabrication is needed to ensure that fixed windows remain pristine and serve their purpose well. upvc fixed windows are a great choice in these situations because of their low maintenance requirements and great strength and endurance.

Choose Unitech Windows designs for 100% customized and performance oriented German upvc windows that will be a perfect match for your very specific needs! You can also choose double glazed windows of the fixed variety if you are located in noisy or traffic prone areas and require better sound proofing. Our well trained installation crews will ensure that the end result is perfect in every way because of the expertise of our technical team and the quality of the profiles we provide. With us you can enjoy the best quality products tailored to your specifications and uncompromising service- this is a promise we always keep!

Fixed windows are a part of almost every order, because of their universally attractive design, as well as their excellent acoustic and thermal properties. The sound-insulation benefits that are attributable to fixed windows allow you to enjoy the serenity and harmony in your home while the maintenance-free, weatherproof and age-resistant material guarantees a long-lasting attractive appearance. Fixed windows are available in large sizes, so are suitable for commercial shop fronts, sound studios and cool rooms. Fixed windows can be combined with a range of opening windows and doors for presentation/ entrance system for virtually every building need and requirement.

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