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Balcony Doors

Unitech Windows Building Systems is the largest manufacturer of UPVC balcony door solutions for Indian homes and offices. Our wide range of design options allow you to choose the best spatial solution for your home. Whether for a balcony, or a terrace or even a veranda, Fenesta's contemporary doors transform the look of your house inside out.

Unitech Windows has four types of door designs namely Sliding Doors, Casement Doors and French and Balcony Doors. Out of all three, sliding doors make the most perfect balcony door systems as appearance wise they create an open living space for you.

You can customize your doors according to your specific needs and to match the look of your interiors. If you want larger and taller doors, this requirement can be met by enlarging the frame and adding more sashes to the door. These changes will in no way hamper the smooth operability of your balcony door. All other features and insulation properties will also remain intact. This is because all Fenesta products are factory made aligning to the latest international standards of UPVC door and window fitments.

UPVC, the material used for manufacturing Unitech Windows balcony doors is a UV blended form of PVC. Hence all UPVC doors for balcony offer a tough protection to your house from several physical elements like:

  • Monsoon
  • Rain
  • Strong Winds
  • Dust
  • Pollution
  • Heat
  • Noise
  • Termites
  • Insects
  • Moisture
  • Water
  • Mould

Additionally, our doors and windows can be accessorized with high quality door locks and handles. All doors are steel reinforced, fusion welded and multi-chambered to provide a tough frame and a strong sash that guarantee a lifetime service. Colour options for frames and sashes are available to ensure that you can add a last bit of customization to your already customized balcony door. Our engineers will guide you regarding the best glass option for your home. Ideally, double glazed toughened glass is advisable this glass offers superior insulation from noise and heat. Being tough, it adds on to the overall security attribute of your door.

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